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Residential Radon Mitigation

There are several different methods that All Colorado Radon Mitigation, Inc. can use to lower radon levels in your home.  Because each home is built differently, we like to provide free, no obligation on-site evaluations of your property.  This way we can ensure that your system is placed in the most effective spot possible. Call us at 720-726-4556 or contact us for a free quote. We offer our basic system with optional aesthetically pleasing upgrades.

Optional System Upgrades

Exterior Placement with Paint
With this upgrade the vent stack on the exterior of the home is painted to blend in with the home. Even if there are multiple colors used in the exterior design of your home. This is a great way to ensure your home meets requirements put forth by your local home owners association.

Interior Placement
The system is hidden through the attic, garage or interior chase and finishes by venting through the roof. A special “roof boot” is added to insure the integrity of the roof and prevent leaks. This radon reduction system is almost completely hidden from view and is ideal for homes with strict HOA guidelines or for those who prefer not to have anything installed on the outside of their homes.

*Interior placement availability determined at on-site evaluation.

Downspout Vent Stack
Our basic system includes the use of PVC pipe for the vent stack on the exterior of the home. With this upgrade we use 3”x4” downspout just like that of your home’s gutter system in place of the PVC pipe. This helps the system blend into the exterior of the home and is much more aesthetically pleasing.

Fan Covers
With Colorado’s harsh elements, radon fans can take a beating. These fan covers protect the fans and can add years to the life of your system.

RadonAway SF-180 Fan
This specialty fan achieves the same results with a much smaller, more aesthetically pleasing look.

Residential Radon Mitigation Systems

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