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Residential Radon Mitigation

If you tested your home for Radon and found that the levels were unsafe, our expert team will mitigate your home to get the lowest radon levels possible. If you tested your home and discovered elevated levels of radon, call us to provide you with a no cost proposal.

Commercial & New Construction Radon Mitigation

Churches, apartments, schools, and office buildings often require intricate radon mitigation systems to bring radon down to safe levels. They should be tested and mitigated for radon to provide a safe environment for all who spend time within their walls.

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Christina Johnson
Christina Johnson
March 30, 2021.
We initially had very high levels of Radon in our home. All Colorado Radon Mitigation, Inc. installed a complete radon mitigation system in our basement. Even though our project involved several visits to get the level down below 4, it was completed in a very timely fashion. We were impressed with their knowledge, punctuality, professional attitude, and cleanliness.
Suzanne Kloster
Suzanne Kloster
February 9, 2021.
All Colorado installed a radon mitigation system for us that incorporated all the items we were looking for: 1. drilled an effective pit and routed the radon through our garage and attic to make the system more aesthetically appealing 2. affordable cost 3.sealed the original sump pit with a clear plexiglass cover so if ever need to pump water we don’t have to impact the radon mitigation system 4. Sealed the crawl space with 6 mil stegocrawl liner (white) 5. reduced radon in the basement from 5 to 1.2-1.3 pCi/l 6. Painted the roof pipe metallic gray (we provided spray paint) so it blends in with other vents on roofline 7. Boulder County gold star mitigator with record of employees receiving board certification for radon mitigation 8. From the first phone call, their communication was excellent! 9. Always showed up on time and completed the installation in a very timely manner. From the estimator to the installers, I found them to be extremely professional, courteous and conscientious regarding the work and quality of work done. Highly recommend!!!
Sarah Veksler
Sarah Veksler
January 28, 2021.
I’m super happy to be working with All Colorado Radon. I was honestly set to work with one of their competitors and had already gotten several quotes when my husband came across the paperwork from the previous owners vapor barrier install. He said we should call them too to get a quote since they had already completed part of the work. Their technician was helpful and knowledgeable. Another company said they couldn’t install the fan in our garage because of our low sloping roof and rolled roofing material. All Colorado Radon was familiar with our roof type and knew what they needed to make a discreet install possible. Their technician was very communicative and helped clean up post install. We had a snag with the testing lab to verify our new system is working well and they stepped in to help right away. I’m still waiting to find out if our system is working up to snuff but so far I’m extremely pleased to be working with them.
Joseph Sales
Joseph Sales
January 17, 2021.
My girlfriend was 8 and a half months pregnant with our son when we tested for radon in the room where he would be sleeping. To our surprise, the levels came in high! We was very concerned about getting this mitigated before she gave birth and brought our son home. They got someone out to our house as soon as possible to install the mitigation system. When the technician, Beau, arrived he ran into an issue. He dealt with it so professionally and quickly! Thank you ACRM for making my home safe for my family. I would recommend over and over, again!
Leonard Abels
Leonard Abels
December 9, 2020.
We had All Colorado Radon out to replace the exhaust fan on our active mitigation system. They arrived on time and did excellent work. We also found their pricing to be very fair. Just as importantly, unlike other people we've spoken to over the years, they understand the importance of getting it right when dealing with radon. Highly recommended.
Mike Jacobs
Mike Jacobs
December 8, 2020.
I am pleased with all phases of All Colorado Radon's mitigation service. My radon level went from 6.5 -->.9 pCi/L. From start to finish, All Colorado Radon's service is A++++.
Brian Patrick
Brian Patrick
December 3, 2020.
After having my home tested for Radon and seeing dangerous levels fluctuating between 7.0-11.0 PCI/L, I gave All Colorado Radon Mitigation a call. They were highly responsive, and offered the best price. Luke spent 7 hours at my home installing the system. He did a wonderful job. Highly professional and tidy. He provided extra things like painting the pipe to match the house, and routing it behind our fence to obscure it. Plus, with a ten year warranty on the system, I feel confident knowing that my family is breathing easy inside of our home. In the end, I think the most important indicator of success is the new PCI/L reading of .62 for a daily average. Thank you All Colorado Radon Mitigation! The service you perform literally saves lives!
Sara Fonnett
Sara Fonnett
December 1, 2020.
Beyond fantastic!!! The installation was seamless, and they even painted the pipes to match the home. Axel and his partner (I feel so bad I forgot the other gentleman’s name), were incredibly knowledgeable & professional. They showed me around my home after and explained everything they did. I was home alone and I never felt uncomfortable with them. Thank you so much, can’t recommend enough.
November 27, 2020.
Luke was our technician... I would give him a 10 out of 10 One day ugly job. Small local business ... if you need mitigation, give them a chance!
Spencer Aguilar
Spencer Aguilar
November 21, 2020.
The price is comparable to other local companies. However the customer service, communication, and installation was stellar. The mitigation system is routed through the home in a logical, professional way. After installation, the provided test kit returned a level slightly above the threshold and they immediately contacted me to schedule the installation of a stronger fan free of charge. The second test showed we are now at 3.5 pCi/L which is much better than the 18.6 pCi/L found in the original home inspection. I’m very pleased with their service!

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